Beating online roulette is something many have tried without any success. Online casinos use Random Number Generators (RNG) to make everything random. The RNG software makes it hard to tell where the ball will land. Besides, it will be hard to make predictions. Winning big on online roulette is pure luck for most players. More so, players can check out casinos like to know the house edge.

Online Roulette Strategies

There are a few strategies players can use for online roulette. However, none of these strategies will guarantee a win. Using the Magic 8 system is common among online gamblers. It's a history-based game where a result repeats itself after eight rounds. Players can also choose to double their bets after each round they lose. Some believe that doubling the best increases their winning chances.

According to this strategy, players should not alter their bets mid-game. However, they can increase their chances of losing when they do so. That's why it's advisable to plan out the strategies for all roulette games. It assists the player in remaining disciplined and avoid reacting to losses immaturely. All these strategies, however, won't alter the results of the game. Players can know whether their strategies worked after winning.

Players believe that by using these strategies, they boost their winning chances. However, with live roulette games, players should appear confident. Also, players should understand that losing is also part of the game. The most important thing with online roulette is to have some fun. All these strategies are great for superstitious players. However, the RNG software works hard to ensure that there is fair play and negate prediction.

Why Players Lose in Online Roulette

The casino's main source of profit is its games. For online roulette, the casino must always win. That's why the house edge varies depending on the type of online roulette. Besides, casinos must look for good RNG software that allows them to win frequently. Unless a player is using a roulette computer, it can be arduous to predict the outcome. Other ways that players try to avoid losing include:

  • Doyne Farmer strategy
  • Fibonacci strategy
  • D'Alembert strategy

Patience is another contributing factor as to why players lose. Most online roulette players are impatient. Especially the new players because of their lack of experience. Being patient can enable a player to learn the game. With live dealer roulette, a player can use visual ballistics or a roulette computer. Being patient when using such strategies can help the player win big. Besides, it can help avoid detection.